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Great Faces for Radio

Friday, July 16th, 2010


We had a chat to FBi’s Canvas program about our Test Pattern Lounge that we’ve been building for the Underbelly Arts Festival.

Have a listen here!

Hope you can drop by tomorrow from 2-10pm at Fraser Studios.

Details below or at: Underbelly Arts Festival

Test Pattern Lounge: in construction

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Test PattermMontage

Welcome to the Test Pattern Lounge, a work that wants to help you feel at home with media art.

We’ve noticed that a lot of digital media art can leave you cold – especially if you don’t understand exactly how it’s made. And the more complicated the tech in art gets, the more you might find yourself asking: Are rooms full of plasma screens helping artists to say more? Does a demonstration of programming prowess necessarily help the viewer feel anything?

For that reason, we offer you an opportunity to sit down for a moment in the beating heart of lo-fi analogue land – the trusty old Test Pattern.

A surveillance camera is attached to the ceiling sending the image of the room below. This rather familiar looking lounge room, featuring bright coloured carpets, a diner table, pillows, bookshelves, a kettle, even the odd plant, viewed from above forms the test pattern.

So you can feel comfortable while you reflect on the disturbing developments in media art over a cup of tea. (Maybe the cartoons will come on soon?)

Come see our work Saturday 2-10pm at Fraser Studios, Kensington St, Chippendale. Tickets are $18-22 for a day full of art, performances and who knows what else.

More here about the Underbelly Arts Festival.

See our Flickr photos as the work develops…

See you Saturday.

Ordinary Collective Bumps in

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Our Underbelly lab has begun.

We have had two weeks, and half a warehouse. A very very cold, but beautiful warehouse.

Tega paces the space…

Tega loves that rain filter.


The three of us are draped in our whole wardrobes (coats, scarfs, two pairs of stockings, two pairs of socks each)

We begin to make a plan…